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9/29/14 - Raffa Meeting

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Monday September 29, 2014 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


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Judy Mongelluzzo (Human Resources Manager/Recruiter)

Judy Mongelluzzo's LinkedIn

[email protected]

1899 L Street, NW, Suite 900

Washington, DC 20036

Telephone: 202-955-6714

Joe Ritchie (Accounting Services - Staff Accountant)

Joe Ritchie's LinkedIn

[email protected]

Telephone: 202-955-6760

Julie Jones (Accounting Services - Partner)

Julie Jones' LinkedIn

[email protected]

Telephone: 202-955-6724

Raffa Company Overview

  • Founded in 1984
  • Largest nonprofit focused accounting firm in D.C.
    • 200 professional staff
      • Exceeds "big 4" and all local firms in nonprofit
    • 500 nonprofit clients
  • Nationally recognized
    • "Top 100" Largest Accounting firms 2010 and 2011
    • "Top 10" Best of the Best
    • BDO Alliance Member
  • Nonprofit Specialization
    • Offers a number of services for nonprofits
      • Accounting
        • Audit
        • Tax
      • Human Resources
      • Technology
      • Sister organization provides a number of other services
    • "One stop shop" for internal non-profit structure


  • Networking - the deliberate process of exchanging information, resources, support, and access to create beneficial relationships for personal and professional success
    • Networking is about developing relationships NOT asking for jobs
    • Foster relationships THROUGH networking
      • Developed over time
  • Why is networking important?
    • #1 way to find a job!
      • Most jobs are not advertised
    • Best way to build new business contacts
    • Helps you achieve goals
    • Builds experience and confidence in communicating
    • Great way to get information, referrals, etc.
  • Challenges
    • Fear
    • Personality limitations
      • Don't try and sell yourself, be genuine!
    • Balancing work and networking
      • Set networking goals
    • Unfamiliar territory
      • Talking with someone you don't know/have little in common with can be challenging
        • Let them do the talking!
        • You don't HAVE to talk about accounting
          • Find common interests
    • Getting Started
      • Initial fear of approaching new people is hardest to overcome

Networking Tools

  • Names are important!
  • Create a "tagline"
    • Short identifier after your name that can help others remember who you are
    • Example: Frank Gorski "the ABA webmaster"
  • Where should you network?
    • Airplanes, social events, conferences, workshops, job fairs, class, volunteer events (important for organizations in the nonprofit sector), etc.

Networking Tips

  • Do your homework
    • Enables you to ask relevant questions
  • Set networking goals
  • Have a firm handshake
  • Introductions should be interesting and brief
    • Prepare conversation starters
    • Work on a elevator pitch
  • Offer and look for ways to help and add value
  • Exchange business cards
    • Write notes on it to help you remember the person later
  • Follow-up meetings with a note
    • Link to current/relevant event


  • Profile should include:
    • Places you have worked
    • Volunteer experiences
    • Schools you have attended
      • Keep all information current
    • References
      • Can be put in profile by past employers
    • Skill sets
      • You can get these endorsed by other users
  • Connect with as many pages as possible
    • Alumni, clients, past employers, vendors, suppliers, businesses/employers you are interested in
    • Reaching out to former classmates can be a great way to find opportunities

Information Interviews

  • Provides you insight into the company, NOT a time to ask for a job
  • Helps attendees learn about the organization
    • What they do
    • Culture
    • Ask questions!
      • What do you do?
      • What do you like about the company/culture?
      • How did you get your current position?
      • What type of education/training is needed?
      • How do I apply? Who should I talk to?
      • Can you give me resume feedback?
      • NEVER "tell me about your company"
        • Do prior research so you already know!

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