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10/1/2014 - Ernst & Young Meeting

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Wednesday October 1, 2014 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Ernst & Young

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Festus Acha (Audit Department - McLean, VA); Shady Grove Alum

Festus Acha's LinkedIn

Elliot Pepper (Tax Department - Baltimore MD); Shady Grove Alum

Elliot Pepper's LinkedIn 

Marie Accius (Campus Recruiter)

Marie Accius's LinkedIn 

[email protected]

Ernst & Young LLP

Westpark Corporate Center

8484 Westpark Drive

McLean, VA 22102

Direct: (703) 747-1102

Fax: 1-866-251-2928

Cover Letter Tips 

  • Target cover letter to specific employer
    • Review job posting and include criteria the employer is seeking
    • List relevant skills and experience
      • NEVER overstate your skills!
  • Don't rehash your resume
    • Complimenting your resumes does not mean duplicating
    • Expand on resume and highlight your background
      • Instead of tasks performed (resume), list your accomplishments during employment
    • Back up general statements with specific facts
  • Write simply and clearly
    • Get to the point!
    • No more than one page
    • Paragraphs should be 3-4 sentences at most
  • Personalize it!
    • Let the employer know where/how/who you learned about the job/internship
  • You can always e-mail a cover letter
    • Keep it short
    • Don't send as an attachment unless directed to do so
  • Spell check and proof read!
  • Keep copies for your records
    • You don't need to start a NEW cover letter in order to personalize each one to a specific employeer
    • Track who you are sending each cover letter to
    • Make sure it's addressed to the correct employer!
  • Reflect your attitude
    • Use action verbs to reflect your:
      • Personality
      • Motivation
      • Enthusiasm
      • Communication skills 

Cover Letter Content 

  • First paragraph = Why
    • Why are you writing?
      • Who/where you saw the listing
    • Why you are interested in the employer?
  • Second paragraph = What
    • What qualifications do you bring to the job?
      • Give examples!
    • Do NOT reword your resume
  • Third paragraph = What you want
    • Conclusion/summary of the letter
    • Refer to resume
    • Indicate a follow-up response 

Navigating the Recruiting Process

  •  Getting started
    • Update resume
    • Get approved by Office of Career Services (OCS) on HireSmith
      • Make an appointment now!
    • Attend R.H. Smith Career Fair and ABA Career Fair
      • Bring enough copies of your resume
        • Be prepared if some employers do not accept them
      • Dress professionally
        • Business formal!
      • Research employers before the event
      • Prepare an elevator pitch
      • Ask important/relevant questions
        • Tailor to specific company
        • Don't try and "stump" the recruiter
      • Network!
        • Connect on different levels: e-mail, office hours, company events
      • Create a plan of attack
        • Research floor plan of the career fair
        • Know what employers you want to talk to and where they are located on the floor

Applying for Jobs 

  • Understand the recruiting time frame
    • Fall = full-time internships
    • Spring = remaining internships and externships (underclassman only)
  • Apply for on-campus interviews on HireSmith
    • Be prepared to apply on company website as well
  • Attend mock interviews, company events, etc.
    • Prepare! Each is a chance at a mini-interview
  • Often the next step after an on-campus interview (if it goes well) will be an in office visit!



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